Client testimonial

“Our members have been using Eureka for many years and really enjoy how easy it is to use. It’s an indispensable tool for school libraries to search for and read topical information published on media sites.”

Anthony Laquerre
IT and Library Services Coordinator

01 Get exclusive access to information

  • Make information available to all students
  • Give your audience the bigger news picture
  • Access over 14,000 sources of information (regional, national, and international publications of a general or specialized nature, websites, biographies, etc.)
  • Leverage content exclusive to Eureka (La Presse+, Le Devoir, Les Affaires, etc.)
  • Provide a reading platform that works on many devices

02 Offer an effective search and reading tool

  • Search all media from a single bilingual, intuitive, user-friendly interface
  • Harness a powerful search tool to quickly find the articles you need
  • Browse millions of documents updated daily as well as decades of archives
  • Make news available in PDF as printed or in full text
  • Access Eureka from an office computer, tablet, or smartphone

03 Conveniently share information

  • Integrate Eureka directly into your institution’s lesson plans
  • Make it easy for teachers and students to share files and documents
  • Give students the tools they need to document their work and add depth to their arguments
  • Use Zotero right in Eureka

04 Choose a solution
to your needs

  • Provide continuous access from within your institution or remotely via your portal
  • Promote the use of Eureka with our communication tools (posters, bookmarks, tutorials, training, etc.)
  • Enjoy a flat annual rate with discounts for consortiums and no extra costs
  • Track usage over time to guide your procurement policies
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