01 Easy-to-analyze information

  • Assess the reputation of your business and its products
  • Detect trends, rumours, and crises at a glance with graphics
  • Measure the reach of your activities and their media impact
  • Calculate your campaigns’ ROI
  • Get advice from our support teams
Easy-to-analyze information

02 Unlimited analytics at your fingertips

  • Produce dynamic custom graphics from a single dashboard
  • Crunch data based on multiple variables (reach, share of voice, tone, geographic breakdown, etc.)
  • Isolate key data: filter by influencer, pull out positive comments, etc.
  • Watch as discussions on topics, companies, and public figures evolve across all media
  • Automatically update your analyses and associated graphics

03 Custom analysis reports

  • Quickly export your media impact and analyze its reach and tone in Excel
  • Produce media performance reports and measure progress toward your goals
  • Automatically generate reports and insert full text documents, comments, and graphics
  • Incorporate your organization’s branding
  • Publish and share your reports with colleagues in a user-friendly format (PDF, HTML, etc.)
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