How to disseminate information legally?

Do you think that thanks to the Web, you can can access and share media content more easily and freely for commercial purposes?

Warning! There are still some basic rules to follow to make sure that you are sharing content legally, without copyright infringement.

Éric F. Lemieux, Corporate Counsel and Vice-President of legal affairs at CEDROM-SNi, will share his copyright expertise and help you understand the legal implications of producing and distributing press reviews for the purpose of sharing with members of your organization.

During this webinar, you will learn:

  • The impact of the law for communication and public relations professionals
  • The risks your organization faces when copyright is disregarded in a context of sharing through a press review
  • The implications of the conditions of use of the websites frequently used during media monitoring
  • Good legal practices related to the sharing of media content for commercial purposes

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