75% of brands say that identifying the right influencers is the biggest challenge to doing earned media campaigns the right way

01 Identify the contacts influencing your audience

  • 25 000 Canadian contacts, 1.6 million contacts worldwide
  • 500 contacts updated every week by our team of specialists
  • Save a lot of time, thanks to the bibliographic information available for each contact
  • Target the right influencer by segmenting contacts by “Talking about” and region
Identify the contacts influencing your audience

02 Communicate effectively with different types of media

  • Send emails easily and intuitively
  • Create customized and automatically updated mailing
  • Contact the influencer according to his preferences thanks to the descriptive details available in each contact
  • Get coverage in the appropriate publications using editorial roadmaps providing an overview of upcoming coverage in different media
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03 Track your campaigns

  • Schedule a further email based on influencer behavior following first sent
    • Opening rate
    • Clickthrough rate
    • Bounce rate
    • Summary of clicks
  • Centralize information and take advantage of social media activity streams and engagement software
Track your campaigns

04 Evaluate the performance of your efforts of communication

  • The web traffic generated
  • The number of mentions
  • Revenue generated
  • The types of media that generated the coverage
  • The tone of the news over time
  • And much more!
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