01 Make sure you aren’t infringing on copyright

Our solutions were developed to promote compliance with copyright law. The proof is in the Publi-© certificate shown on each document viewed. It shows that the document has been approved for viewing and that the associated royalties have automatically been paid to the publishers.

For companies concerned with intellectual property, Eureka also helps you manage document redistribution in electronic form. All you have to do is use the organization solution or search engine to pay for distribution rights.

In short, with Eureka, you can consult or reproduce your articles in any electronic form, knowing you’re covered. Now that’s peace of mind!

02 Is a work distributed electronically protected?

Copyright law is not limited to specific forms of expression or media. A work protected by copyright doesn’t lose that protection because it’s released via Internet, intranet, or extranet.

The emergence of new technologies has led to even more artistic media forms. Works distributed electronically are entitled to the same protections under copyright law. These protections exist even if a website grants free access to certain works. Under no circumstances does such access authorize reproduction, unless expressly indicated. Generally speaking, websites post copyright notices setting out the terms and conditions for using works and documents online.

03 How can I get
permission to
an article

Our Publi-© electronic certificate concept makes it easier to manage electronic reproduction rights. First, document research and reproduction rights acquisition are done online with Eureka to clear the rights. After that, when the article you select is sent to you, it is marked Publi-©, indicating you have the right to reproduce it.

Licenses may also be granted if you are interested in regularly distributing articles in large quantities or to large numbers of users. To learn more about electronic reproduction, write us.