01 Monitor your brand and your competitors

  • Manage strategic searches from a single platform
  • Keep an eye on the competition, news, and innovation in your industry across all media
  • Receive key information wherever you are with email alerts
  • Monitor mentions of your brand on social media
  • Identify your industry’s influencers
Monitor your brand and your competitors How to monitor better ?

02 Find business opportunities in the news

  • Find new prospects
  • Target your investments by monitoring market trends
  • Improve your business intelligence with news that’s hot off the press
  • Evaluate your competitors’ strategies to better shape your own
  • Beef up your marketing plans and market studies with industry report data
How to search better ?

03 Make informed decisions

  • Speed up decision-making by relying on fact-checked information
  • Analyze the impact of your marketing strategies
  • Measure the effectiveness of your marketing activities and sponsorships from a 360° perspective
  • Interpret data to tweak your marketing plans
  • Share analytical reports with colleagues
How to analyse better ?