Client testimonial

“In a public relations and government affairs agency such as Hill+Knowlton Strategies, our advisors need timely and accurate access to media content. The strategies we develop and implement for our clients must take topical news stories into account. For us, Eureka is an indispensable tool.”

Brigitte Lemay
Senior Advisor
Hill+Knowlton Strategies


Overview of

01 Be the first
to know

  • Monitor your organization’s reputation across all media from a single platform
  • Take advantage of all kinds of contents : press, web, TV/Radio, press releases, studies and social media
  • Get notified of important mentions with email alerts
  • Respond to strategic information 24/7 on your mobile device
  • Get personalized support setting up and refining your searches
Be the first <br />
to know How to monitor better ?

02 Evaluate your
media impact

  • Get a 360° view of your media ecosystem
  • See and quantify your media coverage
  • Measure your share of voice and the tone of messages to head off crises and rumours
  • Monitor responses to and the life of your messages
  • Respond more quickly by having all the information you need on a single platform


How to analyse better ?

03 Identify
your influencers
across all media

  • Find your sector’s opinion leaders
  • Monitor your—and your brand ambassadors’—online reputation
  • Track social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and blogs
  • Gather insight for your digital communication and influence strategy
How to monitor better ?

04 Capitalize
on your 360°
media intelligence

  • Analyze the impact of your communications and optimize your media plans
  • Target the best communication channels according to your objectives
  • Craft your media relations and event strategies based on reliable data
  • Calculate the ROI on your activities
How to analyse better ?

05 Get strategic data
out to your colleagues

  • Create custom press reviews in just a few clicks
  • Disseminate user-friendly multimedia press reviews to key members of your organization
  • Easily share important information without infringing on copyright
  • Get detailed media performance reports to measure progress toward your goals
How to share better ?