01 A 360° approach to content

  • Explore millions of documents from general and specialized Canadian and international publications, reports, studies, websites, biographies, etc.
  • Read news articles from recognized sources in PDF or full text
  • Get access to certain local, regional, and national TV channels and radio stations
  • Access video and audio content from our integrated multimedia console
  • Follow major social networks (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc.)
  • Enjoy access to a continuously updated database that includes decades of archives
A 360° approach to content

02 Use an effective search tool

  • Search all content with a single click
  • Change your search options: simple, express, and advanced
  • Change your search criteria to meet your needs (multiple fields and operators)
  • Perform faster searches using our categories: sector, subject, geographic region, media type, etc.
  • Access Eureka from anywhere and any device via our Web interface
  • Identify trends with a graphic charting your results
  • Draw on the expertise of our consulting team

03 Access archives easily

  • Browse decades of exclusive news archives (La Presse+, Le Devoir, Les Affaires, etc.)
  • Save documents to your personal archives
  • Create document files on demand
  • Read PDFs in a dedicated reading space
  • Watch and listen to multimedia files
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